Paris, the beautiful French capital that makes many dream of it, this city with grandiose heritage, sumptuous palaces and museums triumphing with exceptional beauty. The capital of light is the world center of art, fashion and culture. What could be better than going for a few days with family or friends to enjoy the richness of this heart of country.

Romantic, the city has such warm aspects for couples who want to have a good time. Strolling the streets of Paris at night and for days can be very pleasant but you have to know the little tricks so as not to waste your time.

Going out during the day

Renowned for its cafes, the streets are full of fabulously warm and trendy places that the world envy. In the morning Parisians love to meet in one of these cafés to start the day well, read the press of the day on the terrace. Located in the heart of Paris, there are coffee shops with sophisticated assets, delightful as we like them, nestled in passages like cairo’s – the oldest and longest – small alleys, or avenues overlooking squares to history, oriented towards arabesque fountains.
Otherwise there is the famous brunch whose stolen idea of the Anglo-Saxons is now a classic among city dwellers. This meal, which is taken between 10am and 3pm, is a concept that particularly appeals to its principle, which is geared towards the mixture of typical assortments to nibble on, in a certain harmony.

Street bookstore, Paris – ©Roman Kraft, Unspasl CC0 Creative Commons

The famous luxury boutiques on the Faubourg-saint-honoré avenue make their charm, stroll through the fragrant streets, see the magnificence of the architecture and enjoy the generously decorated floral parks. Pass through the Place de la Concorde, the largest in Paris, or one of the most emblematic passages such as the Vivienne Gallery built in 1823, not far from the Palais Royale, known for its touch of greed.

Some go to the Parc des Princes out of pure passion, this place that can be visited in the south-west of Paris in the 16th arrondissement is a sporting meeting place. Built in 1967 it is a stadium that expands over the years, the main championships, European Cups and World Cups take place in this building from the beginning.

The tour guide to Paris gives us perfect advice, apart from the very famous monuments to visit such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe or even take a ticket for a trip on the Seine, we find typical places to see according to our tastes. mastering the good plans at your fingertips. Stroll through the area that sports the Place de la Nation, while passing through the endless shopping alleys. Passing through the aisle of the Fogs with a well-kept mystery to arrive towards Montmartre and enjoy the Jouffroy passage, the most modern for the time, built in 1845 it is indeed equipped with a heating floor. Then view the castles and delve into their stories full of adventures, these are events that mark the mind indefinitely, the abundance of information could even be tiring.
But to finish the day well after having walked well nothing better than to organize a pleasant evening.

Going out at night

The Garnier Palace

Palais Garnier – ©Gwen Ont, Unsplash CC0 Creative Commons

The Palais Garnier, the national opera house is a nice place to spend a nice evening. A major part of the heritage of the 9th arrondissement of the capital, inspired by Charles Garnier and inaugurated in the 1870s, is a building whose facades are absolutely majestic. Among the paintings, mosaics and all ornaments, the sculptures have a well-maintained meaning. Chiseled in stone, are represented Poetry, Instrumental Music, Dance, Lyric Drama and many other engravings of unheard-of beauty. Played in the light of the world’s most famous radiating spotlights, major opera performances, musicals and dance performances from stars from around the world, such as World Ballet Day every first weekend in October.

The Olympia and the Red Mill

The Olympia at the Boulevard des Capucines, is the oldest music hall in Paris where all the big stars gave a concert, founded by the same creator as the Moulin Rouge, they are places of concerts and performances greatly appreciated by the public. The 130-year-old cabaret shows, which are world-renowned, welcome more than 600,000 spectators each year! With its two shows per night seven days a week the Doriss attract the audience with cheerfulness. 20 Doriss Boys against 60 Boris girls of 14 different nationalities perform perfectly each performance seducing the entire audience.


For revelers everything is well thought out, the Zenith of Paris is known for its nocturnal tip. Located in the heart of the Parc de la Villette, the night birds go there to have an emotional moment.

The 19th arrondissement is very well served and allows everyone to reach each other by public transport such as the metro, the tram and even by velib.

Today in metropolitan France 17 facilities include the notion of Zenith, they are indeed rooms allowing varied representations (song, rock, rap, world music, musicals, one man shows, etc.) and specially adapted for this type of music, for a large and happy audience. In Paris, the Zenith welcomes nearly 700,000 spectators each year. In 2019 we find the biggest stars in concert like Massive Attack, Taylor Swift, Muse, Pink, Metallica, Nicki Minaj. In short, some 170 events take place there every year, and you can dance there and make the audience a real jovial crowd!

In short, going out to Paris is no easy task, you have to know how to decide to give priority to your favorite activities, the restaurant that makes you dream or the visit of a museum of a nature indispensable to us. We are quickly caught off guard by the crowd who urge us to find our way, so what better than to consult in advance a travel guide to be sure not to miss anything !!

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